TikTok, the popular video app developed by Bytedance, there are plenty of accounts that use one of the app’s features to distribute and share child sexual abuse material.. Investigation Forbes showed that some people create users with whom they post this type of content and make it private so that it is only visible to their account and then share access credentials with other users, and that when they log in, they can see it.

Such accounts are called post private, as its goal is to hide child sexual abuse material, while at the same time making it available to anyone who wants to see it. To do this, they first promote the content through a public video that the TikTok algorithm could easily share among users through the For You section. After, give access to the account to everyone. This account, more specifically the private videos section, hosts the content, although in many cases it is also redirected to other portals where there is more material.

Sira Adair, a TikTok user who was a victim of child sexual abuse, told the aforementioned outlet that she tried to report these types of TikTok accounts. The platform, however, in most cases concluded that videos – those that promote access to content – do not violate community standards..

TikTok responds to personal accounts that publicly post material about child sexual abuse

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This was announced by TikTok spokesman Mahso Kullinan. Forbes what the platform has “zero tolerance for child sexual abuse material” and that “this heinous behavior is strictly prohibited” in the social network. “When we become aware of any content, we immediately remove it, block accounts and report to [Centro Nacional para Niños Desaparecidos y Explotados]” says Cullinan.

TikTok also insists that all videos, even those marked as private and only visible to accounts, checked by AI and in some cases under human control.

Forbeshowever, it didn’t take long to find users offering child sexual abuse content.

“Intentional misspellings like ‘prvt’, slang like ‘priv’, obfuscated phrases like ‘postprivt’ and hashtags like #postinprvts are just a few of the searches that have returned hundreds of blatantly violating accounts. entries and invitations to join.

Just like Adair Forbes also tried to report those accounts that promoted such content, and in all of them TikTok concluded that no rules were broken. It wasn’t until the aforementioned environment informed TikTok of the results of its investigations that the app began to ban the content by displaying the following warning. “This content may be related to child sexual content. Creating, viewing or distributing this content is illegal and may have serious consequences.”

However, accounts that share child sexual abuse content are still present on the app. And all to the fact that they will continue to be present, taking into account the ease that TikTok offers multiple people to log into the same account.

Source: Hiper Textual

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