crypto threada company specializing in mobile security and privacy solutions has announced it has identified a major problem with devices Samsung that come with versions of android varying from 9 to 12the most recent.

As indicated, we are talking about a vulnerability discovered using the Kryptowire Mobile Application Security To test, which seriously compromises the protection of the devices, giving attackers the opportunity to factory reset the devices, thus deleting all user data without them noticing, but not only. It seems that it is also possible to install and uninstall apps, a particularly risky operation, to call and install arbitrary root certificates, even from applications without permission. Find below the statement of Alex LisleaCTO of Kryptowire:

Have you ever thought that someone else has accessed your phone? Unfortunately, you may have reasons for this. Mobile applications are becoming the primary focus of personal and professional activities and are an increasingly interesting target for the bad guys.

It must be said that the vulnerability in question was branded as serious by Samsung itself and was discovered last year, with a patch arriving in February 2022 that fortunately solved the problem, even if it is a very recent update, and those who therefore do not have provided with the latter could really find themselves in a sea of ​​trouble.

Therefore, to ensure the security of your devices, it is good to opt for an immediate update of your mobile devices, to make sure that you have finally solved the problem by installing the February patch, at the very least said essential to prevent hackers from being able to breach their own devices, take control of them even if they are partial and cause damage.

Source: Lega Nerd

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