Elon Musk got a new one after buying Twitter, published by two Business Insider sources.

Inside the company, the Musk is now called Elmo, after the character from Sesame Street. It started out as a joke since the spelling of the names in Russian is very likely (Elon and Elmo). It’s also kind of ironic, because Elmo always wanted to be a part of everything that was going on.

Recently, Musk has been increasingly called Elmo so that management does not pay attention to the billionaire’s employees.

Elmo is also gaining traction as Musk’s alias on Twitter. In replies to Musk’s tweets, Elmo is often found, not Elon. Also, fake accounts under the name Elmo Musk began to appear on the social network.

The “real” Elmo from Sesame Street signed up on twitter and verified. The mask hasn’t banned him yet. [Business Insider]

Source: Iphones RU

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