It’s been a long time since it became nearly impossible to find someone without a driver’s license in Brazil. smart phone, even if it is an older model and has been used for many years. From the noble regions to the surrounding regions, mobile phones is constant, but while that is the reality for many Brazilians, the same cannot be said for many other parts of the world.

in emerging markets, where the vast majority of the population can’t afford to spend smart phones expensivetelecommunications companies need to adapt to continue to offer their services. This is the need KaiOSa system built to work well and provide a good user experience even on cheap mobile phones.

What is KaiOS?

KaiOS, a OS built to work more modest cell phones. Company-created operating system built using Boot to Gecko, the successor to Firefox OS, created through a collaborative community effort Kai OS Technologies works using a web-based platform, that is, the program itself requires little processing power. The system is so light that the minimum memory requirement is only 256 MB, something unthinkable when it comes to Android and iOS.

Although it requires very little processing power, the operating system aims to allow users to access popular applications such as: What’s up? Supports physical keyboard button controls, even on non-touch phones. The final product is the result of a combination most modest hardwareIt results in devices that are much cheaper than entry-level smartphones, with mobile phones ranging from R$100 to R$400.

Today, Kai OS Technologies’ operating system is available in a large number of light applications and adapted for use on the common screen of traditional mobile phones. The main apps available in KaiOS include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even some Google programs like Google Maps, Google Assistant and Google Search. Companies like Gameloft also provide entertainment for gamers by publishing games on the OS app store.

KaiOS can also be found in Brazil, although the main idea is to offer basic mobile phones with more advanced operating systems aimed at audiences in markets with fewer resources. The popularity of smartphones among Brazilians, simpler deviceswhich even today has a strong appeal to a large part of the population of our country.

Brazilian darling Whatsapp app gets a touchscreen-free version for KaiOS

Target group

KaiOS was created to meet the demand of emerging markets, but at the end of the day, it also meets the needs of many more people. Simpler phones running the web-based operating system can also be used, as they are closer to regular phones. suitable for the elderly because they are much easier to use.

Traditional cell phones with operating system from Kai OS Technologies can also be a good choice for: low income people or those who are not interested in using many apps on the touch screen. Not to mention they could be one. cheap alternative For those who want to have a second device like a business mobile phone or just an extra SIM card.

Source: Tec Mundo

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