In October, 25% fewer individual entrepreneurs were opened in Russia than in September, writes RBC with reference to the Federal Tax Service. Thus, the percentage of liquidated individual entrepreneurs exceeded the percentage of registered ones.

In October, more individual entrepreneurs closed in Russia than opened

According to the agency, in October the number of active individual entrepreneurs decreased by 1.53 thousand, that is, by 0.04%. This is mainly due to a decrease in the number of new registrations, rather than the abolition of existing ones. At the same time, the Federal Revenue Service does not see a significant reduction in registrations this year.

“Based on the 2022 ten-month results, as well as on the 2021 ten-month results, the number of newly registered sole proprietors exceeds the number of those who terminated their activities (excluding those excluded from the USRIP [единого государственного реестра ИП] administratively inactive individual entrepreneurs),” the agency shared the statistics.

Of the 52.3 thousand individual entrepreneurs and peasant farms that stopped working in October, 47.6 thousand made that decision on their own. Another 3.3 thousand were forcibly excluded from the registry. In connection with the death of the founder, 862 individual entrepreneurs were liquidated, another 413 were closed due to the cancellation of the right to reside in the Russian Federation.

The number of new registrations has been declining since the summer: 70.7 thousand individual entrepreneurs started work in August, 68 thousand in September and only 50.8 thousand last month. The companies took an attitude of waiting and partial mobilization, experts. tell. According to Alexey Mostovshchikov, co-owner of the Orlan Systems building materials market, many Russians who were forced to leave Russia closed their bonds. It is practically impossible to pay taxes from the territory of another country without intermediaries, Mostovshchikov added.

In October, a series of new business rules came into force, including for sole proprietors.

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Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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