Also in iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey Cupertino added a convenient ability to tag notes and reminders in standard applications. However, such a feature did not make it possible to quickly find data by other parameters (presence of attachments, note type, last download date, etc.).

With the release of new systems, the set of available options has been expanded, in iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura, it became possible to create smart folders for notes, similar to smart folders for data in Seeker.

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You can, for example, collect suggestion notes, recently edited entries, or aggregations based on other data features in one folder.

How to Create a Smart Folder on iPhone and iPad

► Open the app Notes and press the indicator button in the left corner.

► Choose a convenient location to store the folder (on iPhone or in iCloud).

► Enter a name for the folder and press the button Convert to smart folder.

► In the window that opens, select filters for merging notes.

You can assign all the selection criteria at once or any of the specified parameters (an option required when selecting two more and selections). You can check for notes on: tags, share and edit, bulleted lists and attachments, folders, wrap, set, or create secure notes.

After that, a folder was created that includes all the notes on the installed filters. Notes are automatically added to and removed from smart folders when you use them. data discovery occurs in storage locations, and smart folder only allows you to group data for easy selection.

How to Create a Smart Folder on Mac

► Launch application Notes and click the create new folder button in the top left corner. Instead, you can select the menu item File – New Folder.

► Enter a name for the folder and check the box Convert to smart folder.

► Usually, one or more filters are applied to select notes and types of requirements (by random of the parameters or by all specified at once).

As in the case of the created folders on mobile gadgets, notes will be stored in the same place. Smart folders are used only for convenient filtering and data collection.

Having multiple gadgets on one account Apple ID with sync enabled iCloudsmart folders will migrate between all.

This feature allows you to conveniently sort and display notes by the number of records stored on your computer or smartphone.

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