Discord may seem like an odd place in the rigid world of government communications because of its focus. But there are many people interested in finance in the app, especially traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts (these groups are of particular interest to the Treasury). As a result, a read-only Discord server was created, where only one user can post treasure news.

But trolls will always find a way. With posting disabled, emoji reactions are enabled, allowing any user to respond to a Treasure message with a single emoji (like a brown emoji, if you know what I mean), and new users are automatically channeled with a separate message. .

This means that the Treasury server issues automated messages like “.Welcome, CLOSE PRINCE ANDREW. We hope you brought pizza” and “Welcome to Jeremy Corbyn. Say hi!”. The latter is the country’s former opposition leader. But this is only a small and harmless part of the troll that has continued to this day.

Source: Ferra

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