One of the things that bothers those who have accounts instagramor almost every service where there is interaction is some form of hate spam spam. If this is something that happened to you on the account of the company owned by Meta, we’ll tell you how to fix it simply and effectively.

There is no tool that allows you to directly detect what is not on Instagram. spam e-mailthey must be used by others who allow it. prevent that such messages usually trying to sell something appear in your UI. And fortunately, there are official options on Instagram that achieve just that, but most are unaware of their existence. And we will help you know how to use them.

Options on Instagram to avoid spam

Generally, such messages contain external links that somehow take users to an external website where something is sold. This is the ultimate goal of those who use this route to bombard others (even hackers may be behind it, so there is a real danger to the device you are using). Then, take action In this respect it is more than recommended.

It’s all special… it’s a solution

This option is most effective because by making your account private it is much harder for spammers to find your account… message count decreased significantly. So if you do this, only users you approve can see what you post and know it exists—yes, you’ll still show up in searches.

It is quite simple to do, because after entering the Instagram Settings in the section Privacy you can see what you need to enable to make your account private (it’s a slider). Once this is done, you do not need to take any additional action and you can restore the standard configuration without any problems.

Using the Instagram app on a smartphone


Reject messages without fear

Undoubtedly, it is the most effective option: you can create a setting that rejects messages by default and prevents spam with great efficiency. But yes, remember that you don’t receive messages from anyone… so communication should always be done by you.

If this is not important to you, access the Privacy section of the Configuration as stated earlier. Here you have to use Links and then potentials click Your Instagram followers. now you enter deliver apps and you must choose receiving requests. Update the created settings and…. You already organized everything well.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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