The Moscow Court of Arbitration declared Game Insight LLC, a subsidiary of mobile game developer Game Insight, bankrupt and decided to open bankruptcy proceedings against it, according to the arbitration case file.

The Russian “daughter” of game developer Game Insight was declared bankrupt

Arbitration manager Denis Kachura told Izvestia that the company failed to pay 120 million rubles to 300 of its employees. The case file states that the amount of unfulfilled obligations to creditors reaches 76.2 million rubles, the company does not deny this fact. The arrears in wages and severance payments, according to the document, amount to 66.5 million rubles. According to Kachura, some of the employees have already requested the inclusion of their loans in the delinquent register.

More than 600 people were involved in the development and maintenance of products in the Russian “daughter” of Game Insight. For the first time, employees faced defaults in July, when the company, which is headquartered in Lithuania, decided to leave Russia. At the end of October a criminal case was opened for non-payment.

Despite the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings and a criminal case, Game Insight products are available in online stores, continue to be supported and updated. Denis Kachura suggests that the company has hired new employees.

According to some experts, the problem with payments may be related to Western sanctions that limit transfers to the Russian Federation from European countries.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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