if you are one of the users Windows 11 and if you’re coming from a previous version of the Microsoft operating system, you must have definitely noticed that the Taskbar is missing some pretty useful functions. This is not to the taste of many who do not stop complaining because of this. And apparently, those in Redmond decided to return two options to change their minds.

One of the biggest reasons for the change in Windows 11, Toolbar redesigned from the ground up, because it was thought that the previous one was not enough for much more and that it was necessary to start the house from the ground up. And of course, there weren’t some that were a bust for many – and they were absolutely right, it must be said. In addition, this is exactly what made the idea of ​​combining new and old functions, although not as fast as it should have been. Fortunately, a change is beginning to be sensed in all this.

Two new features are coming to the Windows 11 space bar

In order for almost no one to miss using Windows 10, which must be said to be a stable and very effective operating system, the North American firm has certainly managed to bring to the item we mentioned a few options that can be important. many. An example of what we say is that we will allow. clock shows seconds if very desired. This may seem trivial, but it is vital for those who work with limited hours for project execution or similar reasons.

Other function called in operating system Never combine taskbar buttons. This was already part of Microsoft development since the release of Windows 7. What this functionality provides is to disallow an app under an existing icon. In such a case, you may experience access issues and that is why we are talking about a functional as well as useful plugin. All in all, a hit.

When will this news launch be for everyone?

Well, as you know, test equipment Windows 11 already review if these new ways of using the taskbar should work. Since we’re talking about inherited behavior it doesn’t seem like a complicated thing – there’s already a lot of information about integrating into the OS – it’s not just crazy to think about it. a month or two You can have these functions as an update on the computer. Meanwhile, one of Microsoft’s senior executives (Tali Roth) stated that this does not mean that the remaining missing options will come. And the truth is, it makes sense considering the evolutionary field.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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