Businessman recently Elon Musk he bought excitement, but its administration is already generating rumors about the bankruptcy of the social network. In addition to the entrepreneur himself saying that the platform might break, some sudden changes recently, such as the departure of a few employees, have caused users to raise hashtags like #RIPTwitter.

However, many are considering continuing on the platform as Musk has ambitious plans with his new company. Thus, competitors such as Mastodon and the young platform co-host gained more visibility on the internet.

Do you already know about this new social network? Below you can check out more details about Cohost and see if the service will be an alternative for you if Twitter eventually dies.

Cohost: Meet the social network that rivals Twitter

Generally speaking, Cohost basically features: Same working mechanisms as Twitter. With it, you can share short texts, ideas, images with your followers, among other things.

However, unlike most social networks in the world, Cohost offers users a freer and more organic experience. All this is due to the lack of algorithms on the platform, which dominates almost all human interactions on the internet, including streaming services.

While algorithms can be interesting in many ways, they can also shape online behavior – which at some level turns out to be harmful and raises the issue of digital privacy.

In this way, the social network allows users to have a more fluid sharing by presenting their posts chronologically in the main stream.

Cohost was created this year by a group of developers and designers who love to share their content online. has organic moderationperformed by internal collaborators. It is important to emphasize that the platform, whose current version is still subject to analysis and testing, is still being built.


To stay active, users can donate to developers, because in addition to the absence of the algorithm, there are also no companies that run ads. But the site is completely free and accessible to anyone with an invitation.

Cohost: learn how to subscribe to the social network

As mentioned earlier, for now interacting with Cohost requires an invitation from another user. This is because the platform is still in beta. However, even without an invitation, it is possible to access the social network without great difficulties.

However, the user will have to wait a few days until the moderation releases it. According to the developers, this measure is for spam prevention.

Step by step to create an account on Cohost

  • Go to and enter the information in the fields provided. Note that all content will be. only available in English at this stage🇧🇷
  • The first field to be filled is the username. It must contain at least 3 characters and consist only of letters, numbers or hyphens. This name is not permanent and can be changed at any time within the platform.


  • Next, type your email address for the login to be created. Just below, type your password twice, at least 8 characters. At this point, Cohost also offers a link to a password manager to develop a secure and challenging migration.
  • The next step is to enter the invitation code, if any. Invited users can post instantly after they finish creating an account. It is already possible to customize with photos, bio description, among other interesting points. Those who do not have an invitation should wait for the moderation email that allows social networking.
  • Finally, enter your date of birth and tick the box with Captcha to confirm you are not a robot.

By clicking subscribe at the end of this process, users confirm to Cohost that they have read and accepted the terms of use and privacy statements, as well as being aware of the community guidelines.

So, are you going to test Cohost or are you considering using another social network if you leave Twitter? Check out more details about Mastodon, another microblogging-like platform acquired by Elon Musk!

Source: Tec Mundo

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