The American company Archer Aviation (specializes in the development and production of eVTOL class vehicles – ed. Tekhkult) has developed a four-seater Midnight air taxi.

It has 12 roles. Located in the foreground, after climbing, they are transferred to a horizontal position to ensure safety.

The seats in the cabin are separated from one another by partitions with panels on which the name and point of arrival of the parbysia panktia are written on the panels. Thanks to the great solutions, the designers solved two problems at once – they reduced the weight of the car and presented excellent revs.

Archer Aviation Midnight

Midnight calls for maximum soros sets over 240 kph, can fly nn nn nn nn nn Batteries are designed for 3000 charge-discharge cycles, after which they are replaced.

Archer Aviation promises that air taxis won’t be a problem for cities because the engines are 100 times more powerful than a helicopter, and the cost of flying won’t increase with Uber taxis. The company is currently building a plant in Georgia, which will produce 650 cars a year. In the future, this figure will increase to 2300 cars.

In the near future, the company plans to receive a certificate from the US Federal Aviation Administration in 2024, and to start passenger transportation in 2025. The first 10 km route connects to Midtown Manhattan with RSM Newark Liberty Airport.

Source: Tech Cult

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