The Tinkoff Center for Artificial Intelligence Technologies has developed and implemented a phone number scanner in the bank’s mobile app, which recognizes it in any form, whether the number is typed or handwritten. This was reported by the Tinkoff press service.

Tinkoff learned how to scan handwritten phone numbers for quick transfers

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Clients will need a scanner for quick money transfers; there is no need to enter the phone number manually.

To create a scanner, Tinkoff developed his own handwriting recognition technology. The scanner recognizes the digits of a phone number based on neural networks and algorithms; They were trained on large data sets.

Technology today can recognize and read from any surface any phone number, printed or written in any form.

How does it work:

  • The scanner analyzes the image when you point the camera at a phone number, looks for areas with numbers, and combines them into lines. In this case, information that does not apply to the phone number is removed.
  • The identified strings are recognized by a neural network, from the received options the search algorithm selects the appropriate number sequences that refer to the phone numbers of Russian operators.
  • It takes less than 0.3 seconds to process an image. If multiple phone numbers are presented on the surface at the same time, the scanner will read them all and prompt the user to select the desired one.
  • You can scan the number for the transfer in the “Payments” section by clicking the scanner icon on the right side of the “Phone transfers” search line.


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Source: RB

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