Want to sell something online? Used electronics, old clothes, or even a car or house: in all these cases, you can advertise on OLX to help sell. The platform is very popular in Brazil and serves as a showcase to facilitate communication between buyers and sellers.

If you don’t know yet, OLX is a website that allows you to buy and sell both new and used items online. To do this, you create an ad on OLX and your product is advertised on the platform.

How to sell and advertise on OLX?

Possible Sell ​​for free through OLX🇧🇷 However, there is a total limit of 40 free ads distributed in different categories and renewed monthly. However, renewal is done every 3 months in the “real estate” and “automobile and spare parts” sections.

There is also the option to advertise on OLX for a fee by signing a contract with one of the platform’s plans. Prices and advantages vary according to the number of advertisements requested per month.

See step by step to create a free ad on OLX.

Steps to create ads on OLX from mobile

Check out the 5 steps to advertising on OLX using your mobile phone.

1- Download the app

The first step is to download the OLX app, available on both Google Play (Android) and Apple Store (iOS).

2- Enter the location

Then open the OLX app and enter your location. you can choose to allow automatic locationautomatic manually enter the data via the mobile phone’s GPS or by selecting the state and region.

3- Create an ad

Click on "add ad" or "advertise now"

At the bottom of the screen, click “Ad” for iOS devices or “Ad Now” for Android devices. In the second operating system there is also the option to use the side menu by clicking on the three bars and then “add ad”.

4- Login or create an account

Sign in or register a new OLX account

On the next screen, sign in to your OLX account or sign up again.

5- Customize your ad


Finally it’s time Customize your ad on OLX, You can add up to 6 photos of your product and you need to fill in the following information:

  • Title;
  • Definition;
  • Category;

Once this is done, click “Post ad” and wait for your ad to run on the OLX website.

Steps to create ads in OLX from computer

Learn how to advertise on OLX in simple steps using your computer.

1- Login to your account or create a new account

On the main page of the OLX website, select "unsubscribe"

Access the OLX website, click “Desapegar” in the top menu, right corner. After that, log in to your OLX account or create an account.

2- Choose the category

Define the category you want to advertise on OLX

choose product category and subcategory What you plan to advertise on OLX

3- Customize the ad

Fill in the fields with details about the ad

Finally, it is necessary to add some ad-related data before publishing. You will need to enter the title, description, zip code and other specific fields according to the selected category.

Finally, click on “Post an ad” and wait for it to be published.

Source: Tec Mundo

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