Obviously Elon Musk It has a very characteristic working style for users. A clear example of what a business person usually does is to announce with great fanfare new developments in their company, which are often quite delayed later on. And since Tesla evolved that way, and apparently, it didn’t go bad. twitter will inherit his acting style.

The first signs were clear from the moment Musk bought the social network. Almost automatically, he stated that it was him. intentions They were too ambitious (in the purest WeChat style in China) to make Twitter an all-encompassing development. Logically the idea would be good and a big boost, but the social network would turn into something else and weather not exactly short for this to be true – and less so with the number of engineers the company has. Some might just top it off like they’re selling smoke… and they might be right. But it makes sense to show A good future so that the price does not fall.

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Delays, show kicks off on Twitter

This is one of the least liked things about companies like Tesla (and even SpaceX). In the electric car manufacturer’s history, delays they are our daily bread… For example, today there is no such thing as fully autonomous driving – not expected in the short term. That makes sense since we’re talking about something complex, but one thing is for sure, Musk is unique in selling what he doesn’t have and making good profits out of it. We should congratulate him on this because he knows very well what he is doing.

The fact is that the first of the significant delays on Twitter was already known: payment verification. After the initial problems stemming from identity theft, things didn’t get resolved as quickly as Elon Musk himself expected. Therefore, the date he specified for the return of this functionality to Twitter is no longer valid (it was November 29). He also did not specify the moment when his return could be expected. So everything seems to be stuck…

What does Elon Musk want on Twitter?

It’s something that comes out of a leaky self-talk. And as always, these are extremely ambitious prospects and we’ll see if they can be realized soon. For example, the new owner wants it to be there. encryption in private conversations and there video calls. In other words, it would turn into a chat application beyond being a social network.

Doing so will pave the way for making Twitter a global platform, but the time it takes you to do so will likely be quite long. Therefore, signs similar to those experienced in Tesla are seen again. Of course, if everything continues in the social network as in the car manufacturer, Musk can sleep soundly… Another issue, of course, is users.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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