Renaissance Insurance has developed a special helmet program for electric vehicles, a company representative told RB.RU. In addition to the standard risks, it includes the risks of battery damage and spontaneous combustion.

Under the said program, the first Evolute electric car assembled in Russia was secured.

Helmet for electric vehicles began to include the risks of battery damage and spontaneous combustion

Casco is voluntary auto insurance that covers almost all types of damage: theft, accidents, natural disasters, and others.

The Casco program for electric vehicles includes the risks of battery damage, spontaneous combustion, insurance of a standard charger. It also provides for an appeal “without certificates” within 30% of the insured sum, a 24-hour support service for owners of electric cars and an extended limit on the evacuation of the car (including in case of discharge).

Renaissance Insurance announced that the company insured the first Russian-assembled Evolute electric car under the new program.

According to reports, the cost of a helmet policy for an electric car is comparable to that of a conventional helmet (as for a model of a similar class with an internal combustion engine). In total, Renaissance Insurance has insured more than 200 electric vehicles.


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Source: RB

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