Staying connected to the internet on a trip becomes important not only for gaining knowledge or sharing experiences, but also for storing flight and accommodation information, and even for payments made with virtual cards.

Relying on Wi-Fi from organizations is not the safest way, so it is necessary to have a chip with access to 4G and 5G networks anywhere in the world.

But anyone who thinks that it is necessary to buy a physical chip from another country is mistaken. Nowadays, it is possible to use an eSIM to connect easily via your smartphone.

Today TecMundo explains how eSIM works and how you can rent a plan that covers various parts of the world. Payment!

What is eSIM?

Unlike the physical chip, the eSIM works virtually without the need to insert the card into your mobile device. The model tends to replace the standard format, which already enjoys some popularity outside of Brazil.

Regarding operation, eSIM allows you to access 4G and 5G network from anywhere in the world without the need to buy a new physical card. To do this, subscribe to an operator’s plan and enjoy your data package for the internet.

One of the biggest advantages of the service is that when you need to move between different countries, you can simply choose a global plan to continue using the internet normally without having to change your data package.

How do you get an eSIM?

First, your mobile device must support eSIM technology. This varies by model, but older models released until 2017 do not have this technology.

Apple, for example, has implemented eSIM, starting with the iPhone X. On Android devices, it varies by manufacturer. For example, Samsung has had support since the Galaxy S20 and Motorola has implemented it as of Razr 2019.

If your device is compatible, the next step is to look for a carrier with an international internet plan. This is the case of Airalo, which is one of the worldwide references mainly in terms of cost and benefit.

How to subscribe to an Airalo internet plan for international travel?

1. Access the Airalo website or download and install the official app for iOS and Android;

2. Create a record on the platform with your data and credit card that will bill the purchased plans;

It is possible to register via the Airalo website or app.

3. Next, on Airalo’s home page, select one of the platform’s geographic coverage plans. The options are:

  • Native eSIMs – Special plans for a single country;
  • regional eSIMs – Plans covering different countries on the same continent;
  • Global eSIMs – Plans covering different countries in different continents of the world.

Airalo's data plans are divided into three types of coverage

4. In our example, let’s simulate a trip to Europe passing through several countries. So, let’s select the Global eSIMs option;

Airalo has several internet plan options for the global package

5. Then choose the internet plan that best meets your demand and make the contract;

6. That’s it, now go to your eSIM configuration option and activate the contracted plan in Airalo!

Source: Tec Mundo

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