Among the innovations prepared by the messaging application What’s up?It has been discovered that despite its simplicity, it can become vital for practically all users. The fact that the news is directly related to the official transmission is something that has long been requested in this development.

We’re talking about creating. channel That WhatsApp will send messages to notify users of news officially coming to the app, as well as to ensure that potentially vital information is available to everyone (such as a change in the management of accounts or terms of use). What will an environment be like? formaland will have green letterhead, there will be no doubt about the accuracy of the submission.

A long-awaited development

The fact is that an official channel for announcing news or other types of information is something that should have existed on WhatsApp for a long time (an example is that it is already available in Telegram and it works perfectly). This is because fake news about their ability to reach the app and perhaps most importantly users can be cut in the bud. they will know exactly when they can use the news they reach the platform.

WhatsApp communication channel


It is important to note that communication will be provided. one direction, as can be seen from the screenshot published from the information source (as this option is not active in the test versions, the WhatsApp code was found by searching). This way, only the company will be able to send communications – in fact, this option is disabled – denying that users are trying to send it personally. By the way, the recordings are available both in the mobile version, iOS Y Androidas for himself computers. Therefore, it is normal to wait for an introducer to arrive.

It is possible that this innovation will come to WhatsApp

Well, everything indicates that this is going to be a big deal. Fast, because it doesn’t seem particularly complicated to introduce working this way in different versions of the messaging app we’re talking about. The whole thing may even have been released with something highly anticipated by users: the ability to send messages to itself, which will turn WhatsApp into a small personal cloud.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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