UILA is an original hybrid electric vehicle with electric vehicles, which is developed by engineers and designers, Berlin

In the process of its serial production, it is proposed to use the additive lines of the saf and p technology, which means cX This is a bet on a four-wheeled electric locomotive

Razers uila – 2.3 x 0.9 x 1.7 m, weight only 70 k, which is alarming with high maneuverability The electric vehicle is two-seater, the driver and passenger sit in tandem. You don’t need a driver’s license to drive it, and you can even get around on a full bike. The maximum speed of the electric vehicle is 25 km/h.


Electric transmission with hub motors at the rear and pedal-driven dynamo for charging the 1200 Wh battery pack. One charge is enough for 60-70 km of run. Each of the four 20-day wheels has hydraulic disc brakes. The on-board infotainment system starts up after connecting a smartphone in the dedicated app.

nFrontier intends to launch UILA into mass production in 2024. Estimated price 10,000 euros.

Source: Tech Cult

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