Company DJI has updated one of its best-known series in the drone market. For the moment we are talking about users who do not intend to step into absolute professionalism and want to get a complete model. Therefore, we are talking about a device. interesting for the quality/price ratio and this usually works very well in the market.

The team we’re talking about DJI Mini 2SEcomes with enough, but not particularly crazy, improvements. One of the things that has made progress in this version, which has a design very similar to the previous generation, is about autonomy, which is a must in the world of unmanned aerial vehicles. There is progress because Can reach 31 minutes flightmore than enough time to practice hassle-free and perform highly complex tasks.

Options in the video that this DJI drone has

Integrated camera a 1/2,3 type CMOS sensor Inch that allows you to achieve resolutions of photos up to 12MP. In videos, the quality reaches 2.7K, which means it has a fairly high sensitivity. What to do there stabilizationthere are not many new features compared to the previous generation as we are talking about triaxial element which is effective so that the usual jumps that occur in flights are avoided.

DJI Mini 2 SE white drone


A few positive and must-know details about the new DJI Mini 2 SE, Allows you to achieve 4X zoom, but it is important to be clear that we are talking about a digital job (not optical), which means quality is lost in the process. Next to you video streaming undergoes an advance, in which case it may be Reach ten kilometers to stream in HD resolutionso we’re talking about a great use for certain jobs and places where you need to be away from the drone.

Other options you’ll find in the new DJI model, level 5 wind resistanceIt ensures that you will not have any problems even at 10.7 m/s speeds. Also, the remote has a button that allows the device to automatically land only at a selected point, which is very useful at certain moments.

The price of this model

If you find the DJI Mini 2 SE interesting, you should know what to do. pay to get 389 euros, a figure that seems the most logical given what it has to offer. On the other hand, the day available in Spain will be March 2, so when it comes to enjoying the flight of your own drone, there’s not much left for you to take that step.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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