In technology, things that made sense only a few years ago stop making sense at an incredible speed, and this is especially noticeable in applications. An example of what we are saying is that the app is officially known. YouTube Go After a short time, it will no longer be functional.

Back then, this app was very useful for certain users because it somehow allowed them to access Google’s video streaming platform. simple but highly functionaland without cease to be an official customer. Therefore, due to its lower requirements (including storage space), it has become a very interesting option for places with a large area. limited internet connection and even for those with not very powerful terminals. In this way, for example, it fits smart phones like a glove. Android Go.

A sensible decision from Google.

The truth is, they’ve made the decision from the Mountain View company to end this development because they think it’s of little use in these times. Currently, there are very cheap terminals (about 100 euros). more than enough power To avoid having to use general purpose apps like YouTube or any messaging app itself without any limitations… In the case of Go version, it is not possible to use Dark Mode or access anything related to Comments.

YouTube interface


In this way, when the Mountain View company communicated that YouTube Go will no longer be an active application, plenipotentiary -because it has significantly improved in the consumption of resources, as well as the data it consumes-. And if not, access web version your platform. Therefore, there is nothing to use reduced apps that do not allow users to have the most complete experience possible.

When does YouTube Go say goodbye?

This is something Google has shaped as well: August 2022 The app will no longer be supported and users using it (it’s true it doesn’t have a great market share) are advised to change development before then if possible. The fact is that considering input range current terminal power And with data connections getting better, things like YouTube Go no longer make sense. So it’s not a bad decision.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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