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In the early years of the 2000s, with the explosion of dot-coms, forums and communities, Taringa was born in Argentina, a place where you could find everything.

Taringa! This is a virtual community of Argentine origin, in which I can share any information through messages. Until 2023, it had 30 million registered users and over 1,000 active online communities.

It was born in 2004 and was led by brothers for many years Hernan, Dario Botbol and Alberto Nakayama. It all started with a project based on the website, created by Fernando Sanz, then a high school student.

So it started as a site on the Internet and then became one of the largest. Spanish speaking forums available online. In 2019 Taringa! was sold Argentine blockchain company IOVLabs.

Back in 2023, the implementation of the application for iOS and Android was announced.

But in his statement “social network” announced its closure on March 24 next year.

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Here is Taring’s statement about its closure:

20 years of history is not an accomplishment that any site, platform, or community can even remotely boast of. Taringa! It was a place of fantasy stories, memes, trolls and hive minds everywhere, but above all, it was always a place where freedom of expression was present.

They can call us spinsters, caustic, insufferable, antisocial, or whatever they want. But we made history, and no one can ever deny that to us.

We were home to all kinds of stories, all kinds of characters, all kinds of feelings. We got into a lot of trouble and overcame it. We raised the flag of an identity that even today, after all these years, remains relevant… “taringuero”.

That is why, indeed, it is with great pain that we are forced to announce the closure of taringa!, both and taringa! application March 24.

The reasons are as simple as they are difficult to accept. With the changing trends in recent years regarding social media, taring! developed a product that sought to achieve what other platforms failed to achieve: a space of freedom where content could be monetized. However, due to market conditions and competition on social media, this dream was thwarted.

We will provide you with more details later on how this process will work and what you need to know. I keep the bard inside me, I’ll bring it out later.

Thanks for everything, taringero. What we have achieved together over these 20 years will forever remain in the history of the Internet.

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