Cargo on transport ships is so tightly fixed that it does not move even in a severe storm. What helps to achieve this?

All this is explained quite simply. Special swivel locks help secure cargo securely. Such locks are made of metal and are attached during fastening of the load to the corners of the upper or lower surface. This mount has a cone shape and a movable base. This base attaches to the bottom of the shipping container and blocks the upper container.

Such a lock is attached to the subassembly of each metal box during the assembly of all containers on board.

In addition to the lock, the cargo is fixed using special rods fixed with ropes. Thanks to this, the boxes are fixed in a horizontal plane, which protects the ship and the cargo itself from swaying during large waves.

Also, most boxes are placed in the ship’s hold, not on the deck. This is done to maintain balance while the ship is moving.

Source: Ferra

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