Kaspersky Lab will develop a security system for smart cars: Kaspersky Automotive Secure Gateway (KASG) based on the KasperskyOS operating system. It can be installed in the telematics or central unit of a car with ARM architecture.

“Kaspersky Lab” will develop a system to protect the “smart” car from hacking

The development will help protect the car against hacking, ensure a secure update of both the gateway and the car’s electronics over the air, make it possible to collect logs from the vehicle’s internal network and send them to the security monitoring center, it reported. TASS.

The impetus for the development was the publication of normative documents on cybersecurity in the automotive industry. The documents were prepared by a UN commission.

By 2024, a verification system must be introduced that will force manufacturers to comply with cybersecurity requirements and incorporate security systems into cars at the assembly line stage. These rules are supposed to apply to Russia.

Kaspersky Lab’s development is intended for a wide range of car manufacturers, including those that produce up to 1 million cars per year. Such companies often do not have sufficient cybersecurity skills, the press service of the “Lab” noted.


karina pardaeva

Source: RB

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