Researchers from the Melbourne Institute of Technology have found a way to solve the most pressing problem for all parents – how to get kids to eat healthy, but not too tasty food? Discussion of children about letharka, which, although not digested mbsychos in t t t t t, but brings p p. The difficulty is that even a non-adult person manages the same tough hard cake with the addition of ordinary fiber, so it requires careful development of its “invisible” counterpart.

The new substance was named “FiberX”, it is a synthetic fiber molecule, because of which the human components that irritate the taste were removed. The station, which is neutral in texture and texture, was polished, which retains the physical properties of feline – nr. In experiments with the concentration of “FiberX” with a 20% discount, the price was high.

The first assimilation of synthetic fiber, made from starch with the help of a diet, was successfully processed up to 80% of the feedstock. Now they are experimenting with agricultural and pulp industry waste. They also study methods of physical biochemical processing and transformation of raw materials into volatile substances to aid fermentation. The ultimate goal is to create cheap and affordable nutritional supplements with completely neutral delicious.

Source: Tech Cult

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