Sigourney Weaver will return to Pandora in Avatar 2: Path of Water. And this despite the fact that her character died in an emotional scene in the 2009 film. However, in the plot of the film, the actress will play a completely new face. avatar 2 James Cameron.

For a return to the memorable and iconic planet, Weaver will play Kiki, one of Jake Sully and Neytiri’s adopted children. A mysterious detail in the script that seems to open up the possibility of significant interest in the thematic unity of the saga. AvatarLike an unknown world.

Especially, because it doesn’t seem like a coincidence that Weaver plays a little Na’vi in a completely different setting than Dr. Grace. It is more than likely that his return to history entails some interpretation of life on a hitherto unknown planet. In addition, all the ways in which the consciousness – soul or personality – of the characters can survive death.

A strange journey for an important character

As we remember, Dr. Grace Augustine was seriously injured during a brutal attack in one of the film’s most important scenes. Avatar. Therefore, the Na’vi tribe, who considered her a benefactor and benefactor, tried to save her life. Unlike the rest of the invading military forces, the scientist was a xenobotanist who joined the Avatar goodwill program. On top of that, he sought not only to understand the culture of the Omaticaya clan, but also to win their favor.

20th century

All of the above led the tribe to dedicate their energy to grace through a ritual of great importance to their culture. Plead with the Tree of Life to bind Grace’s artificial body to her mind/soul. But the process ended in failure, and the scientist was consumed by a mysterious form of transcendence that inhabits and empowers Pandora.

So, the return of Weaver, this time as a teenager Na’vi, seems to be a new perception of what happened in an important scene. Moreover, according to the dying Grace, her personality has become inextricably linked with Ava. The central deity of Pandora culture not only inhabits the Tree of Life, but is also associated with all life forms on the planet. Therefore, the last words of the scientist testify to a significant and powerful journey to a new unknown mystical layer.

Life and death on Pandora after Avatar 2

Grace’s apparent return to Avatar 2: The Way of the Water, could then delve into the actual way Ava, or at least his power, manifests itself. Could it be anything more than a higher consciousness version in the midst of a culture deeply connected to ecology?

If Grace’s consciousness was in the Tree of Life, and now she has a body again, the conclusion is staggering. Could death be a temporary transition to Pandora? Could the amazing connection between the earth and everything that surrounds the characters in the organic realm be something more powerful?

Questions can also lead to darker places. After all, the cruel Colonel Quaritch (Stephen Lang) is also back and, judging by the trailers, in the shoes of an adult Na’vi. The character who died violently in the midst of the events narrated by the Avatar did not come into contact with the Tree of Life.

In fact, he was killed in a fierce fight. Which could lead to the question of whether the consciousness of any dead being on Pandora becomes associated with the planet. However, the problem may be more worrisome Could it be some other artificial or mechanical process that brings the Na’vi’s aggressive warlord and enemy back to life?

A few weeks after the premiere Avatar 2: Path of Water He promises to answer most of the questions hinting at his success. In addition, travel through completely new spaces in the dimension of Pandora as an ecosystem and a complex biological realm. Perhaps one of the great adventures that avatar 2 may include what promises to be an ever richer and deeper saga.

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