Many owners of Apple devices sooner or later begin to give out gadgets to children. There was a need for a separate children’s entry in order to use it on mobile devices.

starting from iOS 7 Cupertino allows you to create child accounts for users under 13-14 years old (depending on the country) in order to conveniently distinguish between data on different gadgets.

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Now let’s figure out why you need to create an account for a child and how to do it correctly.

Why create a child account

Firstlyso you are sure that your data, contacts, photos and other content missing a child’s device. Many standard and third-party applications sync files to your smartphone by default immediately after installation. You won’t even know if a child downloads some app and gets access to your data.

Secondlychild account can be configured content blocking rules, restrictions and age norms. When assembling two gadgets on the same Apple ID account, this will be problematic. Either easy to leave something for the child, or hide something for yourself.

Thirdlymaybe separate yours and children’s progress in games, recommendations in protocols and video streaming, data in iCloud and other service protocols.

Fourththe whole family can get service iMessage and face time without duplication of conversations on different accounts.

How to create a child’s Apple ID account

This can only be done if there is a personal presence (adult). For example, the account must be linked to a bank card or a valid payment method, loaded with a driver’s license or passport in the application. Wallet (for countries that support this option).

one. Customized access to add and group multiple Apple ID accounts. You can do this according to our instructions.

2. For age Settings – Family and select Add a family member.

3. Select an item Create an account for a child.

four. enter the first name, last name and birth of the child. Please note that this will not change in the future.

5. Confirm the current method of raising funds for registration of children’s registration (prohibit the use of funds or consider the possibility of enabling later).

6. Accept the user agreement.

7. Enter an email address that will be registered as an Apple ID. If your child doesn’t have their own email address, you can create a free iCloud mail account to use their ID ID.

eight. Watch for the completion of the registration process.

Going forward, you can use your Apple ID account to reset or recover from your child account. It will be possible to do this both on a future gadget (Settings – Family – Child’s Apple ID), and through the web version of the Apple ID management service.

It remains only to log in to the children’s account on the necessary devices.

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