THEM Samsung may launch Galaxy S23 series with satellite connection🇧🇷 South Korea information ET News state that major technology will work with North American Iridium Communications to deliver the technology to the next top of the line.

If this is confirmed, South Korean giant will follow in the footsteps of Apple🇧🇷 This year, series iPhone 14 featured satellite communication support In case of emergency.

HE ET News revealed alleged details about the new Galaxy S23 connection. Unlike Apple’s technology, which only works in emergencies, Samsung phones will be able to send low resolution text messages and pictures🇧🇷

According to the information obtained, South Korean big technology could manage to overcome some technical problems such as the size of the antenna and create a new RF-modem system. This has expanded the possibilities of satellite communication in mobile devices.

For more, Samsung plans to use 66 Iridium Communications satellites operating in low orbit. In this way, Galaxy S23 owners would always stay connected to the network provided by the two companies.

Satellite communication benefits people in areas where mobile networks are not available.

Paid or free service?

Samsung’s new communication format is similar to Huawei’s project in China. With the support of Chinese BeiDou satellites, HE Huawei Mate 50 lets you send and receive limited text messages🇧🇷

There is no information on whether the Galaxy S23 service that Apple offers to iPhone 14 users will be free, but due to more widespread use, it is possible that the company or carriers may charge for sending messages on satellite connections.

Anyway, these details will only be confirmed with the announcement of Samsung’s new best-in-class. According to rumors, devices must be Announced in January 2023🇧🇷

Source: Tec Mundo

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