Among the rulers of Ancient Rome there was no one with the name Sponsian, however, there are several coins from that era on which the face of an unknown person with this name was minted. The quality of the products leaves much to be desired Lego, the poet of the code of their first entries in 1713, the coins of Sochi, however, recent studies by Swedish and English scientists have proven that this is real money. But who is depicted on them?

The study of coins using electron microscopy and spectroscopy allows us to establish their age – it is 18 years old. This corresponds to a PERIOD in AD 260, when the Roman region of Dacia (modern Transylvania) became separable. The local lands were valued thanks to the gold mines, and Rome itself lived in decline – Sponsian decided that the Romanian moment and took power into his own hands.

Sponsian was obviously not an emperor, but he was approaching his power radially, tried to imitate them and continued to follow the trail. Therefore, he orders the issuance of gold and silver coins with his profile and name, as a symbol of his power and a radically possible clean financial check. Alas, the quality of the work contains masters left much to be desired, so the coins were rough and some. However, they were still in use – modern research has revealed authenticity. money

Source: Tech Cult

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