Elon Musk has set another goal in Twitter usage: changing the character limit

If Elon Musk needs recognition, it’s that borders don’t go with him. Always try to break them, for better or worse. And now you have twitter, this social network will follow this path that existed in the life of the famous businessman. And according to the comment she just made on her profile, there is something on her to-do list that is pretty important and could change the way you use the platform.

Although it has already experienced a surge on Twitter characters existing ones that can be posted in a message seem to fall short for Musk. And therefore their intention also includes changing the situation by reaching the social network in this section. To date, there has been no proof of this intent, but when a user was asked a suggestive question, the response from the Twitter owner was pretty straightforward.

Twitter tries to allow longer messages

The truth is that since then Long time ago it’s known to be on the minds of people who ran the company before, but somehow create long messages different: In principle, characters exceeding 280 characters would be published “split”. thread shape. But what Elon Musk has in mind is different.

If we take the reference that the user mentioned in the question, the idea currently available is, at the very least, thousand characters in a single message. That way there’s nothing to be succinct on Twitter. This would end. If stepped in, this platform could become much more than a simple social network for text messages – as it makes it possible to expand a lot when it comes to communicating something. We’ll have to see what the creators think, but they don’t really like to write a lot of text on a regular basis.

A few more data awaiting payment verifications

Elon Musk’s particularly short and intriguing message does not specify anything else, it just states that the option to reach a thousand characters is something in between. tasks to be done. And considering that the number of engineers the company currently has isn’t exactly very high, that doesn’t seem like one of the options to see in the short term (if it does happen, and so do we). I already know how Musk spent them on a few history issues).

On the other hand, everything is new payment verification It may be available this Friday… but it’s best to be cautious and not toss the bells instantly. Of course, it seems like it will be a bit of a surprise when it becomes an option again. Twitter. This allows owners to post longer videos and get priority in replies. In other words, classicism may reach the platform, as some fear.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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