You’ve seen some articles on TecMundo that cover tools that use artificial intelligence to turn simple images into true works of art. Dall-E and Midjourney. Today we will present another option for you, Nightstudio Cafe Studio.

Also, using machine learning, platform uses text from prompts to create artwork from user-described. A nice detail in NightCafe Studio is that any photo can be completely recreated by artificial intelligence and in the most diverse art styles. Let’s get to know this news better, shall we?

How does NightCafe Studio work?

While accessing the tool, the user can start creating custom images from the two options. The first is the text-based rendering method: you define what you want to see and right after you create it, Nightcafe Studio gives you some very interesting results generated from the selected artificial intelligence.

As a test, the vehicle Recreate Curitiba (PR) in a more artistic style, shall we say? In the proposed results, it is possible to notice that the platform has succeeded in reuniting various aspects of the city, although the capital has brought in some elements that have nothing to do with Paraná (Eiffel Tower?).

Despite the inconsistencies, the work is still impressive and beautiful. Look:

 NightCafe Studio/Playback
 NightCafe Studio/Playback
 NightCafe Studio/Playback

The text rendering method includes some technologies that offer different rendering styles, including competitors. CLIP, VQGAN, Stable Diffusion and second generation Dall-E.

The second option is Style Transfer, where any photo is uploaded to be personalized in different types of art. The catalog has a plethora of options, and for a quick test we chose The Great Wave, based on Japanese master Hokusai’s iconic engraving. The result was perfect. Check out the original photo and the post-conversion result:

 NighCafe Studio/Playback

NightCafe Studio users can also enable advanced mode that allows you to change different aspects of images such as aspect ratio, resolution, quantity, weight, composition. Just be mindful of the data these apps use.

useful tool

Anyone can access the site without needing an account to play with the pictures. Creations are free, but also credit system. It is possible to pay to receive prints without watermarks from the platform, and more works can be produced at the same time.

However, it is worth noting that there is a daily charge of 5 credits on the free plan. After using this total amount, you have to pay to get more credits or wait until midnight when the platform will renew the user’s credits for free. The unit cost is $0.08.

Another important detail is that it is not possible to sell the works created in NightCafe because the platform does not offer the user the option to write. What can be done, however, is for NFTs to be created and sold on marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, Sorare and Etsy, including a link to the page where it will be made available.

Source: Tec Mundo

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