States have become an excellent option offering What’s up?. It’s true that they weren’t widely accepted at first and were even close to being eliminated, but it’s now common practice to check for new contacts on the popular messaging app. However, perhaps you are aware that there are some people that you can never see their uploads even though you are aware that they are active.

What happens to you is that they have it. locked so that for whatever reason you won’t see any upgrades in states. This is an option that has been available on WhatsApp for a long time (but was not functional when it came to the app in 2017). The truth is that it may happen to you and you take a look at this. There’s a pretty simple way to let you know exactly what’s going on.

Check if you are blocked from seeing WhatsApp statuses

What we call directly with the app for iOS and Android is not possible, fortunately computer version It lets you know if any of your contacts have created a block where you won’t be able to see the updates they’ve posted (if so, that’s because, of course, that’s something you should ask the person in question). And that’s one more reason to use it if that’s not the case at the moment.

States in WhatsApp for Windows

Smart Life

When you connect your account to the WhatsApp computer client, this is done in just a few seconds as the process is routed. When you’re done, you can check in this software to see the statuses you need to click. Left side an icon with the signature of a circle. And it shows a green dot in case of an update. If you enter, you will see that you can see the statuses by clicking on each of them.

Surprisingly, you are more than likely to see posts that never appear on the mobile client. There seems to be a reason for this problem It’s in WhatsApp itself and this is currently not fixed (and hasn’t been fixed for a long time). The fact is that the blocks are not effective in the computer version. And if you see something here and not on the smartphone… it’s white and in the bottle, that’s what’s usually said. And in this case, next actions depend on what you decide – but whenever possible, try to respect the privacy of all people.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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