The earthquake that occurred in the early hours of the morning of February 28 woke up many citizens. According to the report of the Colombian Geological Service (SGC), a 4.0 magnitude earthquake occurred at 02.05. The epicenter is in Bello, Antioquia.

Security cameras recorded the earthquake on video loud voiceas if it were a ‘roar’.

(In context: Strong earthquake in Colombia: Bello, in Antioquia, magnitude 4 and superficial).

Notably, the epicenter of the earthquake was eight kilometers away from the municipality of Bello in Antioquia. The depth was shallow, less than 30 kilometers.

Citizens who fill out the SGC Detected Earthquake form, “Strongly felt” in Bello, Medellín and Rionegro, meaning 5 out of 7 with intensity.

Others reported “widely felt” intensity 4 in areas farther from the epicenter, such as the municipalities of Urraro, El Santuario, La Ceja and Fredonia.

At this time, officials are not reporting any possibilities.

SGC invited citizens to report whether they detected an earthquake by filling out the Detected Earthquake form at The above is intended to help authorities keep a close eye on these events.

Journalist Jorge Zuluaga shared the video on social networks, in which the roar can be heard at 02:05 at night, and said, “The concussion will be remembered more for its sound than anything else.”

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Other citizens like him also showed that the tremor was accompanied by sound.

“Earthquakes are like thunder. Things happen and sound waves are emitted,” Peggy Hellweg, an assistant researcher at the Berkeley Seismology Laboratory in the United States, said in an interview with the media. Berkeley News.

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As the expert explains, with the movement of tectonic plates They produce two types of waves: P and S. “What I heard when the P wave came was a sound like a freight train going by, but it wasn’t very loud… and then the S wave came and it really shook the house and you could hear the house shaking and things like that.” , added.

Actually, P waves, which can be detected seconds before an earthquake, warn the public about an approaching earthquake and enable them to begin evacuation protocols..

The United States Geological Survey noted in a recent publication that a wide range of frequencies are perceived when an earthquake is felt: “Unlike music, the notes are less distinct.”

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Google uses the ‘ShakeAlert’ system, a network of 1,675 seismic sensors to detect tremors. The app analyzes sensor data to determine the location and magnitude of the earthquake.

“Android Earthquake Alert System is a free service that detects earthquakes around the world and can warn Android users before shaking begins,” the tech giant explains.

(Also: It’s been 118 years since the strongest earthquake ever recorded in Colombia: it was a magnitude 8.4).

This option works for free and its main purpose is to support authorities and people to prevent deaths in these natural events.

This is the step by step way to enable shake alerts on your mobile phone:

1. Open phone settings.
2. Press ‘Security & Emergency’ and then ‘Earthquake Alerts’.

If you can’t find ‘Safety & Emergency’, press ‘Location’, then ‘Advanced’ and then select ‘Earthquake Alerts’.

Note that GPS or your mobile phone location must be enabled to receive alerts.

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Source: Exame

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