Founded in 2015, the global media project Cities and Memory has created a website where you can listen to the sounds of various devices – tape recorders, telephones, typewriters and other representatives of retro technologies of the recent past.

Unlike physical defects, if they do not disappear, they disappear without a trace. On the site they are ORDERED by category. First, the camera was a Polaroid and you could look at the camera as a “camera”, and the camera was filmed by Underwood as a “peak” camera. Fans of old kitchen projects of combines, the first VCRs from Sony and Phillips, filmmakers, music boxes, fans and sewing machines find something to listen to. There is something even more eotic – for example, the sounds of lit matches, torn boxes s s s

Each sound on the site was accompanied by information about its source and information as it was. In order to use your vlad bsh bsh sound saved Cities and Memory, you need to send a sound file of your life. The site is updated several times a week.

Source: Tech Cult

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