One of the things that has never been optimized in the app What’s up? It is he who allows you to find messages within the application. The options available are anything but intuitive and effective. Therefore, it is not surprising that users have been demanding improvements in this regard for a long time. Well, it looks like the company owned by Meta has come on business and started testing a new option in this regard.

What is known in the new test version of WhatsApp? iOS (on has been added something that will surely please many users: the possibility to search by date. This is something that should have been in the clients of this messaging app for a long time, but until now for one reason or another it was not included in the test versions. Of course, something that has changed from today to the happiness of many people.

This will be search by date on WhatsApp

The truth is that the app is quite intriguing and well thought out. When the content search interface opens, an icon appears just above it in the area where you can see the keyboard. calendar shape and magnifying glass. When pressed, the bottom interface turns into a wheel system that moves and allows you to set the selected day, month and year. In this way, the day of the speech can be determined quite quickly according to what is believed. There’s a big, blue button just below it to get everything working.

New search by date on WhatsApp


It doesn’t seem like a bad option, as the destination takes you to a specific day, you can swipe to the previous or next ones. But yes, there are clear improvement options for searching by date in WhatsApp: date range to be wider in the vehicle. But this might be something to add in the future. The truth is, this much-requested option looks set to become part of the app soon, and that’s good news.

an idea from afar

already before a few years It is possible to know that WhatsApp is working on the possibility of including search by date in existing applications, but it seems that has not happened so far. The fact is that the trial version for iOS has been stepped in (but for some selected users for now). But soon, definitely the same will happen for Android and then we will have to wait until 2023 to enjoy this new functionality in the app.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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