Nevado del Ruiz volcano, located between the Tolima and Caldas divisions, has seen an increase in seismic activity over the past six days, as reported by the Colombian Geological Service (SGC).

“Since March 24, there has been a significant increase in seismic activity associated with rock fracturing within the volcanic structure,” SGC said in a statement.

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The Colombian Geological Service showed map of affected areas in the event of a volcano erupting. The organization states that this layout was made “from an interpretation of the geological record found in the deposits of the Nevado del Ruiz (VNR) volcano associated with its recent activity over the past 10,000 years.”

“The map includes threat zones for volcanic phenomena for an eruption; however, minor eruption scenarios may occur where gas emissions, ash, growth of domes, and small pyroclastic flows and lahars may occur,” the entity said.

In the basins of the Lagunilla, Gualí, Azufrado, Recio, Molinos rivers and the Nereidas, Alfombrales, La Lisa, La Marcada, La Hedionda, Aguas Calientes, La Plazuela and La Negra valleys, pyroclastic waterfalls, pyroclastic flows and lavas can be seen. currents, lahars, debris avalanches and directed lateral explosion.

In the western part of the volcano, The countryside of Villamaríathe flows would go down the valleys of the Nereidas and Molinos river, then they would reach the Claro and Chinchina rivers, this activity would affect Manizales, Villamaria, Chinchiná, Palestina, Neira and Anserma.

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For their part, the rural areas of the municipalities villamaria (Kaldas), herveo, casabian, beautiful villa, murillo (Tolima) and Saint Rose of Cabal (Risaralda) may present “the fall of metric-sized rock fragments launched with a ballistic trajectory that can affect a radius of up to about 4 km around the crater”.

municipalities Pereira, Dosquebradas, Marseille, Santa Rosa de Cabal, in the Risaral; Chinchiná, Belalcazar, Palestine, Risaralda, Villamaria, Manizales, Neira, Marulanda, caldas and Herveo, Casabianca, Villahermosa, Murillo and Santa Isabel, tolima, They may show ash fall.

Meanwhile, in both urban and rural parts of municipalities caldas, tolima, in the Risaral, Quindio, Caucasian Valley And Cundinamarca, are at low risk.

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