“Unlimited” battery for your iPhone: with 5,000 mAh you won’t have any more problems

It is one of the perfect gifts for the most grateful iPhone users and very useful for travel.

Offers by JuanMi Guirado

I would be very pleased if they could give me one of these. In general, when I travel, I take lots of photos with my mobile phone, check places to eat, where to stay, or guide myself on my travels with Google Maps or Apple Maps. This the good thing is it drains the iPhone’s batteryand i need something to buffer this battery drain.

Because this is the tool I brought you today, and It has a pretty big discount.. The cost of this external battery, with which you can fully charge any iPhone once or twice, is only 25.99 15 euros on Amazon. And if you need both you have a discount package with 39.99 27 euros.

Lightning 5,000mAh portable battery

Get an ‘infinite’ battery on your iPhone for 15 euros

lightning portable battery

You will have one more full charge without having to use a plug

this battery It has a capacity of 5,000 mAh It is charged via the USB-C port on the side. owner 4 white LEDs always light on to know the charge it has. also a button to start charging on the other side.

You need to charge it with 5,000 mAh an iPhone of previous generations several times like an iPhone 8, but always Fully charge iPhone Pro Max As the one with the largest battery today is the iPhone 13 Pro Max with 4,373 mAh. You can charge part of your iPhone and also powers AirPodsor to your iPad with the Lightning port.

It has 5,000 mAh as well as fast charging.

And not only will you have the power to charge your iPhone, but Up to 20W fast chargingThis is the fastest charging speed with Lightning on an iPhone. This is a very compact device having 5,000 mAh as it almost occupies the width of an iPhone Pro Max. Comes with a connector protector Lightning so you can keep it in your pocket and not get hurt.

Lightning 5,000mAh portable battery

in the box Comes with a USB-C to USB cable To charge your external battery Be careful, if your iPhone has a very thick case like the one in Otterbox, the Lightning connector will not work. Keep this in mind and go on a trip together. a thinner case Being able to charge your iPhone with this battery whenever you want.

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