He explained that mayonnaise is a very fatty and high-calorie product, containing 100 kilocalories per tablespoon. Therefore, first of all, the use of mayonnaise should be strictly limited to people with heart disease. Due to the saturated fats contained in mayonnaise, the sauce can provoke the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Also, mayonnaise should be limited to people who want to lose weight. To lose weight, according to Makarova, it is better to eat low-calorie mayonnaise, but still be careful. “Those who lose weight do not need to eat with a spoon,” stressed the doctor.

The expert recommended to eat no more than two teaspoons of mayonnaise per week. At the same time, you should not refuse salads flavored with mayonnaise on holidays.

“There is no food worth eating in unlimited quantities. It is also not worth pushing yourself into prohibitions, since everything is good in moderation, ”the nutritionist summarized.

News cannot be equated with a doctor’s prescription. Consult an expert before making a decision.

Source: Ferra

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