Voice assistants have become the most useful tools for users as they make life much easier while using their devices. At the moment, the big dominators of the market are Amazon and Google, but they will soon be competing because there is a company that will launch its own development: sound.

Name of new service Sonos Sound Control, and its purpose will be that those who own a product from the manufacturer will be able to control most of its functions without using any buttons (integrated inside the case or from the remote control). As such, we’re not talking about a global business, but aiming to make the use of options like Alexa in its speakers or soundbars as residual as possible. Good challenge.

Some things to know about this business

To begin with, it’s important to make it clear that this is part of the manufacturer’s intention to expand the product line by prioritizing options like the Sonos Radio. The thing is, your voice assistant It will give users an additional option to keep their accessories among the most attractive on the market. Also, some things became clear, and an example of what we’re saying is this: privacy will be total because none of the commands used will be saved.

It is also known that reproductions can be managed without touching anything, as well as supported by some support from the very first moment. music services most relevant today. These are the ones that have been confirmed for now: Apple Music, Amazon Music, Pandora and Deezer (it’s expected to be picked up with Spotify and YouTube soon too).

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If you’re wondering what to say to activate the assistant, things will be very simple. Next up is “Hey Sonos”. what does it have to do with compatibility With the company’s products already on the market, software S2 they will receive the corresponding update to be able to use the new Alexa competence.

When will Sonos assistant arrive?

As stated in the information source, it will start on the day of distribution June 1, 2022 in America. Then it will reach other regions where this manufacturer is located, including Spain (yes, support will be available for our language).

What’s pretty clear is that with this move, Sonos demonstrates its commitment to improving everything about the world. software It is important in order to compete with the biggest competitors in the market. Adding a voice assistant among the services offered to users is a great idea and if that doesn’t mean less privacy, cloud is never usedWelcome to this progress.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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