Apple confirmed the overheating problem of iPhone 15 and announced its solution

The company has promised a solution to overheating and is working on it.

iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 went on sale on September 22

The expected launch of the iPhone 15 series to the market caused great controversy. Many iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro users claim that their new smartphone is a real pressure cooker, and this is They heat up more than normal and reach high temperatures. Now Apple is aware of the problem and has promised a solution.

It was initially thought that the iPhone 15 overheating was due to a design issue. reducing heat dissipation area and through the use of the new titanium frame. However, Apple confirmed to 9to5mac: Titanium plating has nothing to do with overheating and they decided to solve the problem immediately.

Apple is planning various solutions to prevent the iPhone 15 series from overheating

iPhone 15

Apple implemented a USB-C port on all iPhone 15 models

To fix overheating issues on iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max Apple is preparing a new software update that will fix this glitchJust like the iPhone 12 software update to prevent it from being banned in France due to high radiation emissions.

Apple representatives assured that the new iOS 17 software update will be coming that will fix the iPhone 15 overheating. Does not affect performance in the slightest Your devices.

“We have identified a number of conditions that may cause iPhone to become hotter than expected. The device may become warmer in the first few days after setting up or restoring due to background activity.”

Apple also stated that they found a bug in iOS 17 that affects many users and that it will be fixed with a software update soon. On the other hand, they detail the following: some new third-party app updates also “overload the system”. Apparently, the company with the bitten apple logo is talking to developers to change their apps and fix the problem once and for all.

The apps that overheat the iPhone 15 the most are: Uber, Asphalt 9 and Instagram. According to Apple, Instagram already released a software update on September 27 to prevent overheating.

My iPhone 15 is overheating, what should I do?

Colors of iPhone 15 Pro

Colors of the new titanium iPhone 15 Pro

There are several reasons why an iPhone might overheat; for example, continuous use while the battery is charging, screen brightness at maximum, prolonged exposure to the sun, or simply being near a heat source. The best thing to do if you have this problem on your iPhone 15 lock the screen, close all applications and remove the case from the terminal.

Considering Apple’s words regarding this issue, another possible workaround is to disable apps from updating in the background. Settings > General > Background refresh. However, there will continue to be other iPhone 15 system resources that will continue to run in the background.

Source: i Padizate

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