Have you heard of one artificial intelligence capable of writing from a few brief instructions. Social networks are full of examples and comments from those who have tried it. The news came out last year. And since then many learned to use GPT3 to see how well he writes and whether he really does what he promises.

It’s over. Like a good artificial intelligence, GPT3 o GPT-3 also learned. He writes mostly in English, but is not afraid write in spanish or Spanish if you ask. You can say how long you want the text. Ask him questions or ask him to write something specific. even has various models to choose from so this artificial intelligence will take on different identities for write in different styles.

And it even has templates for GPT3 to write something specific for you to experiment with. The fact is that you can write almost everything. And as if that weren’t enough, there are already those talking about its successor, GPT4. The rest can use this AI for free to test it or create texts for personal use. And if you are interested in introducing automated writing to your business, you can hire GPT3 to write for you.

You can use GPT3 for anything.

How to use GPT3 step by step

If you haven’t tried GPT3 yet, you can try it right now. you just have to go to their official page. It works online, so you don’t have to install anything on your phone or computer. Just open your web browser and follow this link. You will be taken to the application for playing with GPT3, which is called in English. playground or play area.

The first time it will ask you to login or register. Registration is free. It’s over. You can use your credentials or Microsoft or Google user so you don’t have to fill in all the fields. In addition, he will ask you for your name and ask why do you want to use GPT3. After registration, access immediately.

The centerpiece of GPT3 is a blank canvas. There you can write and ask this artificial intelligence about things. Then click on subordination and you will get an answer right away. Or not so much if you are asking for something extensive. And you will see the words appear. on a green backgroundwhich writes GPT3. On a white background, your own wishes.

If you don’t like what you see, at the bottom you can cancel orders, repeat requests, view your request history, and/or tell GPT3 to Do you like what you read or not?. In this way, you will help this artificial intelligence learn from its mistakes and successes.

Examples of using GPT3

Choose how to communicate with GPT3

in dropdown right which you will see in the play area for testing and using GPT3, there is a list presets or patterns that change how we interact with that AI. By default, we see a blank canvas where you type, view the response, etc. But you can change it to chat mode, GPT code explain mode, Q&A mode, standard English mode, and second class mode, etc.

There is many to choose from depending on what you want to try. There are some for answering questions, others for writing texts, summarizing documents, translating into other languages, and there are even several ways to program from natural language or spend afternoons playing games. And the fact is that currently the artificial intelligence that moves GPT3 is used to write, create images and even programming and viewing code.

Another way to change the behavior of GPT3 is to use available models. can be called personalitiesbecause they have their own name. By default, GPT3 uses davinci model. It is the most complete and developed. But you can choose others like Curie, Ada, Babbage… This will allow you to try different versions and evolutions who experienced GPT3 over time.

Source: Hiper Textual

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