Programming apps for kids from iPhone

Let your child develop computational thinking and a range of logical skills with these coding apps for kids.

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this programming It is one of the highest paid professions in the world. Moreover, it is not cheaper, so it is possible to create smart projects like yours. video game consoleapplications or Programs that make your life easier.

Programming apps for kids from iPhone

Complete your kids’ education with these useful and functional programming apps for kids

And while it’s usually adults who learn the craft, it’s possible for your kids to learn, too. learn to program Since our childhood. You can see below best programming apps for kids Available for iPhone.

Best apps for kids to learn programming from iPhone

  • Code Land – Code for Kids
  • codeSpark Academy
  • Hopscotch: Code and Games
  • Code Cards – Pre-programming
  • Programming with Dinosaurs 3
  • Coding Express LEGO® Tutorial
  • Meccanoid – Build Your Robot
  • Programming – Learn to Code

Fortunately, you don’t need to have it to learn programming. basic informationso now you can start from scratch any age.

These 8 apps for kids to learn programming and can develop problem-solving skills from a very young age.

Code Land – Code for Kids

code country a education app Designed for children 4 to 10 years old learn programming in no time.

With this system, the little ones will not only learn the concepts. basic programming codesat the same time that they can develop to the maximum logic, creativity, critical thinking and more.

In addition games and activities It includes the platform designed to play and learn freely without pressure or stress. And best of all, the kid won’t need to know read or write learn.

codeSpark Academy

codeSpark Academy - #1 app for learning coding

codeSpark Academy – #1 app for learning coding

codeSpark Academy this #1 planning app For kids. It is designed in a way that children can enter. 5 and 10 years old Master problem solving with hundreds riddles and challenges.

Your system also includes: basic computer science fundamentals and some activities that kids can do code your own games.

between him main categories There is puzzle, exploration, story building, game maker, adventure.

Hopscotch: Code and Games

Hopscotch: educational app for kids

Hopscotch: educational app for kids

Hopscotch: Code and Games It is an application that you will not need to complete any level for. learn to program fast and fun.

Thanks for being awesome system and methodology kids can do it themselves games and apps in few steps and without stress. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to express yourself freely. multiple categories.

The sections of the application are divided, the most obvious ones games, art, stories. It also includes projects created by other kids to play with and video tutorials to learn how to do. apps and games Like Crossy Road, Pokemon Go…

Code Cards – Pre-programming

Code Cards: easy and intuitive programming blocks

Code Cards: easy and intuitive programming blocks

Code Karting another best kids programming apps for iphone. Features of this app logic puzzle series presented in the form of a career and whose purpose is to learn the profession basic principles of programming.

Your platform includes: more than 70 levels Y two game modes different from their children 4 years old They will know how to get the most out of it.

Programming with Dinosaurs 3

Programming with Dinosaurs 3

Introduce kids to the world of programming with Programming with Dinosaurs 3

Programming with Dinosaurs 3 It’s a good way to introduce kids. programming world. And don’t get carried away with the name, as it’s a program for little ones to learn to drive. high speed and to reach the destination, the only difference is that the drivers will be dinosaurs.

In the application, children planning routes uses programming codes. are More than 36 cars different, get in your vehicle Compete against your favorite and other dinosaurs.

Coding Express LEGO® Tutorial

Program since childhood with Coding Express LEGO

Program since childhood with Coding Express LEGO

Coding Express LEGO® Tutorial one more of the best programming apps designed for kids. Its structure is very well crafted and different features. teaching techniques.

In short, it presents concrete skills helping them understand programming concept while having fun while playing.

As if that wasn’t enough, the app includes: 234 LEGO bricksteaching material and 4 fields of activity fun and educational: travel, characters, math, music.

Meccanoid – Build Your Robot

Build your first robot with Meccanoid

Build your first robot with Meccanoid

What kid doesn’t love robots? With this application, the little ones at home will experience the game. make your own bot From the phone.

Best of all, you can customize the bot shape your way and style and even their intelligence 3 different codes: MIA programming, ragdoll programming and model generator.

Programming – Learn to Code

Learn to program easily with this app for kids

Learn to program easily with this app for kids

If you want your children to learn basic programming codes easily and hassle-free, then have a look Programming – Learn to Code.

The application is designed for the child to have a unique experience full of adventures. To do this you will only need to select one character, write code in free modepersonalize your workspace and solve fun quests.

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