Apple has announced a new Apple Music Sing feature that will be available to all Apple Music subscribers before the end of this year.

Apple Music Sing appears on the “real” karaoke music service and includes possible features:

▪️ Adjustable vocals. Users can control the volume of vocals in a track. You can have a fully public vocalist to sing along to yourself

▪️ Lyrics to the past. Now each word is highlighted when he says his performer. Prior to this, the text was highlighted line by line.

▪️ Backing vocal. The words performed in the song are simultaneously animated independently of the main vocal group.

▪️ Duet Mode. Multiple vocalists play on opposite sides of the screen, making it easy to sing along to duets or multi-singer tracks.

Apple Music has also released a set of over 50 special playlists featuring the most-chosen karaoke tracks.

Apple Music Sing will be available on iPhone, iPad and the new Apple TV 4K. [Apple]

Source: Iphones RU

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