Black Friday has just ended, and there is still a whole month before the New Year. But sales on AliExpress do not end. Therefore, we hasten to disassemble until prices rise.

It is possible that the biggest discounts are published in our Telegram channel. Come take it!

1. Fashion storage organizer


This thing hit the TOP of the most popular products on the site in 2021.

Made from bamboo and wood. It looks good with jewelry, but it does not interfere with storing, for example, Apple Watch straps in it. Dimensions: 9x6x6 cm. Buyers note the high quality of playback.

Price: 361 47 rub.

2. PuRuiKai window cleaning robot


Window cleaning robot that has passed the quality test and received CCC, CE, FCC, UL, ROHS and LA certifications.

There is a remote control, 2 pairs of cleaning rings, a set of wipes. In addition, you can order delivery from Russia.

Price: 10 079 4 939 rub.

3. Flashlight with battery


You never know in what situation a small flashlight can come in handy.

Buyers note that it shines brightly for this size. Well, it charges via USB, it does not depend on the battery.

Price: 1631 113 rub.

4. Laser level Hilda


The level with very bright lasers is clearly visible in the cabin, on the street it reaches up to 5-10 meters.

12/16 games for various operating systems. Functions: plumb line, leveling off, lower horizon, there is a display, light and sound indication.

Price: 10 809 3 567 rub.

5. Microphone for FIFINE streamers


Bright microphone for those who want to transmit their voice in high quality. There are also gaming lighting options, two include RGB.

You can open access to one button, protected from the ingress of water. Superficial noise-canceling extraneous sounds, the microphone dissolves easily on the skin.

Price: 10 809 3 553 rub.

6. Electric drinking fountain PATYOCAT


Water fountain with European plug for cats and dogs. There is also a USB version.

Works in automatic mode, capacity – 1.5 liters. 3 exceeding the rate of supply of clean water.

Price: 1900 893 rub.

7. Anker Soundcore Motion speaker


At the request of the manufacturer, the device produces Hi-Res sound, supports the Qualcomm aptX codec.

Foreign publications praise the purity of sound and bass control. Operating range from 50 Hz to 40 kHz. Works up to 12 hours without recharging, IPX7 water protection.

Price: 8 815 RUB 6,346

8. WOSAI Cordless Power Saw


Cordless chain saw with a brushless motor, the speed of which is up to 4500 rpm minus.

Charges in 1-2 hours. Great for gardening, wood cutting, branch pruning and use.

Price: 5085 2 847 rub.

9. Baseus external battery


It’s just very powerful – 65 watts. The input has 18W microUSB, 60W USB-C ports.

The output has 3 connectors: two USB-A 15W each, one USB-C 60W. There are two capacities to choose from: 20.000 mAh and 30.000 mAh. A 100-watt PD USB-C cable is included.

Price: 7 156 3 578 rub.

10. Xiaomi Food Waste Disposer


Easy to install, safe, splash-proof and silent.

Suitable for wash basins 90-110 mm in size. No grinding of blades + deep double layer of grinding, safer and more fireproof. Pure copper motor with German imported technology

Price: 34 378 RUB 7,219

11. Tiny FLEXTAILGEAR pump


Miniature pump with dimensions 43×53 mm. Weighs only 89 grams.

Ideal for inflating e.g. mattresses or boats. Battery capacity – 1735 mAh, charges in 2.5 hours. Inflates anything in minutes.

Price: 2237 RUB 1,454

12. HOTO laser rangefinder


The laser rangefinder works with the MI Home app. The error in the changes is + – 2 mm.

You can quickly set up a floor plan, export images, mark objects in space and time, and place data on your smartphone. The gadget itself has an OLED screen.

Price: 4055 1 946 rub.

13. Organizer for shoes


A cute non-woven shoe storage pouch.

Easily fold and store the shields. Includes 5 packs.

Price: 451 302 rub.

14. Portable speaker with Divoom display


This is a column with its name Divoom Ditoo-Plus Retro Pixel Art.

And on the plus side, we are met by omnidirectional 360-degree sound. Speaker power is 10 watts. Equipped with intelligence that can be customized through the pixel art app. If you really want to, you can still play the built-in games, for this a keyboard is provided.

Price: 10 475 RUB 5,028

15. Heated vest


A particularly important gadget for the coming winter.

Clothes are suitable for especially cold people. Multi-zone heating powered by a portable battery (not included). It is advised to take a battery with a more powerful output. Lightweight accessory, cable entry, activation button is located directly on the chest, easy to feel.

Price: 2668 RUB 1,227

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