ByteDance, the developer of TikTok, has announced an important innovation related to the monetization of content creators on the platform. The application from now on will allow those users who publish videos and meet a number of requirements. earnings on advertising that will be displayed on a social network.

This new monetization program called TikTok Pulse, very similar to the one used by YouTube to reward users for posting content on its platform. YouTube, as you may know, shows ads before and during the video, and a portion of the revenue from those ads goes to the creator. The mechanics of TikTok, on the other hand, allows brands and advertisers to insert ads next to the most popular clips on the platform that appear in the For You section, not on most content like YouTube does. In fact, TikTok ads will only appear in 4% of all videos on the social network. Therefore, the Internet user will not always consume ads while browsing the application.

50% of TikTok’s revenue comes from ads. they will go to those users who have at least 100,000 subscribers who is posting the content. The remaining 50% remains with the application itself. The ability to monetize ads with video ads is currently available in the US. However, ByteDance plans to expand it to other markets soon.

TikTok already has multiple income generating options

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TikTok Pulse isn’t the only program the video app uses to reward users for posting content on the platform. The platform, in fact, has several systems for generating income. One of them is creators background. The app specifically pays users a small amount of money for each interaction or video playback. In this case, the user must meet a number of requirements, such as the age of majority, a certain number of views in the last 30 days, or having more than 1000 subscribers. You must also post videos on an ongoing basis.

TikTok, on the other hand, also allows earn money on live broadcasts. Fans can send gifts to the host, which can be exchanged for real money after ‘live‘. The platform has also experimented with a tip option. Also with an online store section so that creators can sell their products in the app and thus increase their profits.

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