SpaceX has a new Internet service designed exclusively for government agencies. The company, founded by Elon Musk, announced this on its website. star shieldsecure satellite network based on Starlink technology and aims to “support national security efforts” providing Internet connection via satellite with additional security compared to the current Starlink service for individuals.

New service SpaceX for business appears to be the result of a $2 million deal the aerospace company signed with the US Air Force to provide satellite internet to US military bases in Europe and Africa. bloomberg in August last year. However, all indications are that any government that wishes can hire Starshield and therefore benefit from the three main benefits it offers over Starlink for individuals.

One of them is earth observation by launching satellites with “payload sensors” and sending the data directly to the user. star shield too improves global communications to those public users who have the same service and finally offer “hosted payloads”to allow governments to use SpaceX satellite buses for their respective space missions.

These are, of course, benefits that may not be very useful for private users. They are also far from the main purpose of Starlink., which should offer broadband Internet access in remote locations or where there is no good connection. In any case, Starshield can be useful for providing communications to government agencies in different countries, as demonstrated by Starlink in Ukraine.

Source: Hiper Textual

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