From time to time, you may experience problems with your account. Facebook. Either because of a malfunction or because of your relationship with other users, you need to contact the social network and you may not know exactly how to do it. We’re going to show you different options you can use, and they’re all very accessible.

Leaving aside the phone, which isn’t exactly the most effective option today. There are different ways you can Communication With Facebook in case you have a problem. With all of it, one way or another, you’ll find it eventually solution to your problem and also in a highly personalized way. The truth is that it must be said, Technical support the company’s offer is better than expected, but it should be borne in mind that the number of queries resolved during the day is high… so it is possible that the attention is not instantaneous.

Options to contact Facebook if you have a problem

One of the possibilities available is to use one of the emails that the company provides for users to contact them. There are many, all that must be said, but we will tick off three that we believe are most relevant so that you can quickly answer them:

Using the Facebook app on a smartphone


Other options for communicating with the social network

If the above doesn’t fix the issue or if they take longer than desirable to contact you, we’ll show you two more possibilities that can speed things up. The first, curiously, is to use Twitter to communicate with Facebook. In this case, all you have to do with your account is write a text stating you have a message (and if you think there is a problem, make sure other users can see it) and then add them. identifiers: @Aim; @FacebookApp; and also @Messenger. This is quite effective.

Finally, you can always use the section on their Facebook app to contact them. You just need to access the help and support option. You will find a good list of different guides that can solve what is happening to you. If that’s not enough, always Help center To send a notification about the issue you are encountering.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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