The year is ending and as always Google It revealed which are the most popular searches made by Brazilians. in 2022, elections, World Cup and BBB reality show dominated the polls on the largest search engine on the internet.

Search ranking of the year in Brazil, according to Google’s retrospective research The 2022 elections were the most influential issue in the polls Brazilians. There were two rounds of the November selection, and that certainly helped to win first place.

The 2022 World Cup, which started in November and continued until 18 December, ranked second among the most sought after topics of the year. It is worth remembering that the competition, where Influencer Casimiro brought together millions of people during the games in Brazil, broke records on YouTube as well.

See the top 10 searches on Google in Brazil

In addition to the Elections and the World Cup, other highlights from Google searches include the Brazilian Championship and the BBB 22 reality show on Globo TV. President-elect Lula is also among the five most searched topics in the search engine in 2022.

  • 1) 2022 Elections
  • 2) World Cup 2022
  • 3) Brazilian
  • 4) BBB 22
  • 5) squid
  • 6) Flamengo and the Corinthians
  • 7) Central Bank
  • 8) glasses
  • 9) Series B
  • 10) TSE

Another prominent issue is that the Central Bank is among the most searched terms due to the program to return the forgotten money in banks. BC was also on the agenda during the year due to the development of Pix and digital real, which are used for instant payments in Brazil.

Google Brazil’s top searches of the year

In addition to ranking general searches, Google also revealed which searches are the most popular among Brazilians on various topics. Check below some key points announced by the company.

More details on Google’s trending searches are available on the company’s official retrospective page.


1) 2022 Elections
2) World Cup 2022
3) The war between Russia and Ukraine
4) Precipitation in Petropolis
5) Queen II. Elizabeth’s Death
6) Monkey flower
7) Truck drivers protest
8) Bus strike (Sao Paulo)
9) Bolsonaro explanation
10) Lunar Eclipse


1) squid
2) Klara Castanho
3) Rodrigo Mussi
4) Robert Jefferson
5) Jair Bolsonaro
6) Picon Jade
7) Simone Tebet
8) Alexandre de Moraes
9) Father Kelmon
10) Chris Rock

Searches with “or”

1) Lula or Bolsonaro
2) Enem digital or printed
3) Blank vote or blank vote
4) Festa julina or julina
5) Jade or Arthur
6) Qatar or Qatar
7) Fascist or Fascist
8) Have a nice trip or journey
9) Mixing or mixing
10) Printed or pressed

Why Calls With?

1) Why does Russia want to invade Ukraine?
2) Why is Brazil not part of NATO?
3) Why was the Corinthians game postponed?
4) Why did Tiago leave the BBB?
5) Why was Bolsonaro arrested?

How much

1) How much does the 2022 World Cup album cost?
2) What is the cost of leasing a Boeing?
3) How much does a Rock in Rio ticket cost?
4) How much does the Neymar statuette cost?
5) How much does a camel cost?

Which one?

1) What is communism?
2) What is NFT?
3) What is bisexual?
4) What is harvest?
5) What is NATO?


1) Paulina Abelha
2) Queen II. Elizabeth
3) Jo Soares
4) Welsh Costa
5) Erasmus Carlos


1) Richardlison
2) Charles “from the Bronx”
3) Yuri Alberto
4) Novak Djokovic
5) Fausto Vera


1) Stream Podcast
2) The Lady of the Abandoned House
3) Iron Mountain
4) Swipe
5) Podcast by Giovanna Ewbank (Quem Pode, Pod)

Music (Lyrics)

1) wake up Pedro
2) Desert
3) Open, Shoot, Play Ladinho
4) Vampire
5) Interaction


1) sandman
2) euphoria
3) Dahmer: An American Cannibal
4) Men
5) Moon Knight


1) Come on Bill meme
2) flower nozzle
3) squid nozzle
4) Mia Khalifa chloroquine breast
5) Will Smith breast

Source: Tec Mundo

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