If you’ve been using social media for a long time, you’ve probably lost your account to hackers – or you know someone who has. This is not surprising as the situation has become increasingly common lately, especially on Instagram.

There are some recommended procedures in case a user’s account is hacked, but apparently some people prefer to try their luck in a different way. That was the case with Ana Rios. chatted ‘in friendship’ with hacker To try to recover your Instagram account.

Transcripts of the conversation between the two were posted by him on Twitter and soon went viral on social networks. Payment:

After echoing the post, the user confirmed that the hacker did not refund the account. So, in such cases, negotiating with the criminal can only act as a meme, while making room for his followers to take a hit.

It is worth noting that if you lost your Instagram account, it is possible to recover your profile even if the scammer changes your email and password. For this, the user can go through up to three steps depending on the data changed by the hacker — check out the full tutorial.

Source: Tec Mundo

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