After months of speculation, Netflix has finally announced that it will start taxing subscribers who share passwords with people who don’t live in the same household. The news, of course, became a hot topic on social networks, with many users threatening to cancel their streaming service subscriptions.

But some of them “almost” did not stop. Since the announcement, multiple Twitter posts have taken over the social network with reports that Netflix has been cancelled. “After 7 years of subscribing, I canceled netflix today because I realized I paid 56 reals and hardly used it,” said Mayara Juvencio user.

in conversation with Technology WorldHe said he’s been considering canceling his subscription for the past few months.” I didn’t see any benefits to justify the high cost compared to other streaming platforms, as Netflix is ​​constantly canceling originals and its catalog is low. It’s attractive. The announcement of the extra fee was just another reason,” he explains.

“I pay less than what I pay for Netflix and get three platforms with different catalogs”.

Maya says so Switched from Netflix to level 6 subscription of Mercado LivreIncludes Star+ and Disney+ for free, plus an additional 30% off your HBO Max subscription. In total, he pays R$39 for three publications. “This subscription was a discovery. I pay less than I pay on Netflix and I get three platforms with different catalogs”.

quality decline

Another former customer that has surpassed Netflix is ​​Argeu Alcantara, who has been a subscriber to streaming since 2012. He says he’s never canceled the service before.

Like Mayara, she agrees. the latest Netflix releases are no longer as gratifying as they used to be. “They started creating a lot of original content and focused more on quantity than quality. From that moment on, the ‘Netflix Original’ label no longer carried the weight it had when they created it. Paper House This Orange is the new blackfor example,” he says.

For Alcantara, receiving the sharing fee is problematic not just for the money itself, but for what the movement represents. “I share it with my mother, who is part of my family, who doesn’t live with me, and Netflix disagrees,” she explains.

He claims that users should not give up and accept the company’s decision. “This may be the first of many changes that have had a huge negative impact. With this change, there’s a sense that we’re taking a step back, as was the case with cable TV before,” he says.

Currently, Argeu has subscribed to Prime Video, Disney+, Star+, HBO Max and Paramount+, five streams for just over R$100.

After Mayara and Argeu’s reports went viral on the social network, more users confirmed that they were also canceling their Netflix subscriptions.

Prokon Notice

With the reaction of customers online, Procon confirmed that the company will notify Netflix to understand the change in pricing policy. After analysis, the agency will determine whether there has been a violation of the Consumer Protection Act (CDC). So far, Netflix has not commented on subscriber complaints.

Source: Tec Mundo

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